Monday, May 23, 2011

Enough with the JUNK MAIL!

Marketers no longer must purchase mailing lists to send you junk mail, they can use "saturation mail" through the post office.  This makes it easier and cheaper... and perhaps the result is you'll be getting more of it.  In fact, that is the goal of the US Post Office.  They need the revenue.

It may be what the post office wants, but it is what you want?  Do you like junk mail?  What about SPAM?  There are things you can do to control both.  At these web sites you can opt in or out of receiving several types of marketing materials.  Check them out. ~ A site where you can register to choose what catalogs you want to receive or those you want to block. If you dig deeper you can get your name off lists for charities and product offers. ~ Don't want offers from credit card companies and banks?  Here's where you opt out of those. This non-profit group got its start in the ecology/green movement and over 1.3 million households now manage what comes into their mailboxes.  You can even cancel your phonebook!

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