Sunday, October 31, 2010

Our Backyard-o-lanterns

We invited the Backyardigans to come over and play,
so they put on their very best faces that day.

With masks of purple, yellow, orange, blue and pink,
they all wondered what the neighbors would think.

The sun, it grew hot, and the nights got so cold,
that our little Backyardigans began to look old.

They started to morph from a cheery, bright bunch
to some scary old goblins who'd eat you for lunch!

So we smashed them and trashed them and threw them away!
Perhaps they'll return this time next year to play

Special thanks to my 4 year old Devon who came up with the idea of carving & painting our pumpkins into backyardigan faces! 

Devon and Rachael had great fun creating them. Sadly, they got a lesson in why you should not carve them too early.

This wonderful poem was created by several of my friends who each contributed a verse.  It was, quite simply, too cute not to share on this fabulous Halloween Day!

Have a Happy Halloween... and if you are in Leesburg, please note: The Halloween Parade starts at 6 downtown - it is THE place to be. 

Trick or Treating commences after the parade.
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Saturday, October 23, 2010

At Home In Loudoun County

Are you at home in Loudoun? I am, and it's a beautiful place to be! Maybe you'd like to join me, but haven’t made it to Lo Co yet?

I’d love to help you with your relocation – long distance or local – to Loudoun County, my home sweet home.. and hopefully soon to be yours.

Check out some of the open houses we’re having this weekend! Whether you’re looking for a Townhome in Sycamore Hill, or a Single Family Home in River Creek, or something in between, we’ve gotcha covered with 15 open houses this fabulous fall weekend.

If none of these are quite what you had in mind… or if you’ve got other things to do this weekend, please contact me for a private tour!

Vicky Chrisner,

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Friday, July 30, 2010

Keller Williams Ranks #1 in Customer Satisfaction

Keller Williams Realty takes it again:  "Highest in Overall Satisfaction for Home Buyers Among National Full Service Real Estate Firms"... THREE years in a row!

Thanks, JD Power and Associates!

Thinking of buying a home?  If you'd like the right balance of competency, professionalism, integrity and personalized service, Keller Williams has an associate in your area!

Moving to the Dulles area (Northern Virginia...Fairfax/Loudoun counties)?  I'd love to help!

Vicky Chrisner

Search for homes for free:

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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Loudoun is Celebrating America's 234th Birthday!

America turns 234 this year.  I think we look pretty good for our 234th Birthday, don't you?  Here in Loudoun, we're gettin' all fancied up in our dress red white and blues, because we're serious about celebrating our indepedence!  There's so much do to here we have to spread it over three days!

Friday:  Leesburg is the place to be!

As a kickoff to their "Hometown Friday" segments, Fox 5 is broadcasting LIVE from the courthouse lawn and Dodona Manor, Friday morning between 6am and 10am.  There will be cooking demonstrations, wine pairing, tastings from Mom's Apple Pie, a historian, a representative from the Redskins, live music and MORE.  We hope you'll join us... and maybe even get your 15 minutes of fame!

Then, around Happy Hour "First Friday" starts downtown.  We do this the first Friday of every if you miss this weekend, catch us in August.  Most of the shops are open late and hosting  a special event.  There are art exhibits and auctions, several live concerts, a luau, some special Independence Day parties, a live comedy show, give aways and more.  Check out for more information.

ONLINE:  If you can't be with us physically, be with us VIRTUALLY!  All day we'll be doing fun contests with fans and giving away prizes via social media - check out for more info!


Hillsboro has an authentic hometown feel to their celebrations, where festivities start at 6pm. Boy and Girl Scouts will support the Hillsboro Community Association, pulling together to provide patriotic presentations, music, facepainting, sack races, and good old fashioned fun. The Ruritan club will have meals available for sale (think hot dogs and BBQ), and there will be free ice cream for all! Local businesses and citizens contribute many goodies for raffles and bake sales with proceeds going to preserve the Old Stone School. Aerial and ground fireworks begin after dark. The event (except for fundraisers) is free, but donations are tax deductible and welcomed.

Lansdowne (Eastern Leesburg) Resort is celebrating from 7pm to 10pm...enjoy live music and fireworks from outdoor terraces or bring a blanket and find a comfy place on the lawn. Concert and Fireworks are free, refreshments and picnic baskets are available for purchase.

Lovettsville is hosting a celebration starting at 530 with a parade, ending with the fireworks display that starts at 915.  Sandwiched in between will be fun family activities, live music, and refreshments!  (Free)

In Sterling, the Sterling Golf Club invites us all to join them at the pool at 1, and then to enjoy food and festivities with them until the fireworks display, which start at 915.  (Free)


Ashburn Village gets its party started at Fincastle Field where neighbors decorate bikes, wagons, and strollers and show off their spirited garb in a great old fashioned parade (starting at 1030)! Then, on to other fun, like enjoying the live DJ, dunk tank, inflatibles and more!  The pool party is 11 to 4, and there's live music and fireworks which start after dusk.

Leesburg's festivities begin at 10am with a downtown parade.  Dodona Manor will be open from 2:30 to 5:00 for free tours and an ice cream social with live music.  There's a little time to do some browsing in our downtown shops before or after the ice cream social.  Then, festivities continue at Ida Lee Park at 6pm, with live music starting at 7, and then fireworks (timed with the music) starting at 930.  ($1 donation for ice cream; all other activities are Free)

Middleburg's party starts at the pool at 11am....then they add games, music, contests and food and and fun is had by all.  The pool closes at 6pm.  Middleburg Fireworks begin at 9.  (Free)

Purcellville has activities EVERYWHERE!  Starting at noon is the Firemans Parade (from Emerick Elementary to Loudoun Valley High).  At 1:30 other festivities begin with childrens rides, food, crafts and live music (nominal fee for childrens rides).  Then, at 6pm, head on over to Franklin Park where you'll enjoy more live music and great food until fireworks start soon after dark.  (Suggested donation is $5 at Franklin Park, Town activities are free)

Sterling has an event on the 4th, too!  This one is at Claude Moore Park (Lanesville Heritage Area)... an Ol'Time Celebration! A pie eating contest, wagon and pony rides, crafts, live music and more!   It's all going on 10:30am to 3:00pm. 

No matter what corner of our county you're in, there's sure to be fun nearby!   I think John Adams would be proud!  Did you know that he predicted we'd celebrate our Indepedence in just such a manner?  Wherever you are, whatever you do, stop for a minute this weekend to reflect upon the courage it took our forefathers to create this great nation... and the courage and sacrifice made every day by our leaders and soldiers and fellow countrymen to maintain America~ Land of the free, and Home of the Brave!

PS One more tip - try out fireworks 3d glasses - they make fireworks (and just about any light) look like this:

* * * * * *
Thinking of buying or selling a house in Loudoun? 
Check with a local expert:
Vicky Chrisner

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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Hometown Friday

Leesburg and Loudoun are all a-buzz!  This Friday, Fox 5 News will be broadcasting live from our courthouse lawn between 6am and 10am.  Visit Loudoun is working with Fox 5 on the things that will be featured... and I don't have details on that.  What I do know is they want an audience!  So, if you can, join us Friday morning on the courthouse lawn.

This Friday is ALSO First Friday in Downtown Leesburg.  The First Friday of every month there are live concerts, art exhibits, wine tastings and all sorts of special events...FREE.  Festivities get kicked off at happy hour, and businesses stay open late.  It's a great time every month.

And, to add to the excitement, this is a holiday weekend... and Leesburg KNOWS how to celebrate it.


I am working with local downtown businesses to bring some extra exposure to their businesses and these events... and will be doing some fun giveaways via social media on Friday.  Stay tuned to this blog and to our Facebook fan page to learn more as things develop.


If you're looking to move into the Loudoun area, work with a REALTOR who has her finger on the pulse of the community.  Call me, I can help!

Vicky Chrisner, Keller Williams

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Loudoun Is Alive With Music!

Loudoun is alive with music! 

This summer's gonna be "hot-hot-hot"!  But wherever you are in Loudoun, there's sure to be cool music playing. Check out this list of outdoor music series offered throughout the county.


Location: Brambleton
Live concerts bi-weekly on Thursdays, Jul 1- Aug 26
Cost: FREE


Location: Lansdowne Resort, Leesburg, VA
Live evening concerts every Friday starting June 18th
Cost: FREE


Location: Leesburg Premium Outlet Mall, Leesburg, VA
Live concerts 6 different Saturday afternoons (check schedule), June 12 to Aug 28
Cost: FREE

Location: Town Green, Historic Leesburg (25 West Market Street)
Live concerts Saturday evenings June 12-August 28
Cost: FREE

Location: Middleburg Community Center, Ballfield (300 W Washington St)
Live concerts Saturday evenings in July (check schedule)
Cost: $2-5


(previously located at the Courthouse Lawn)
Location: Historic Leesburg
Live concerts Sunday evenings June 28-August 30
Cost: Admission $2 for kids; $5 for adults

(Previously the Belmont Concert Series)
Location: Belmont area, Ashburn, VA
Live evening concerts begin in May: Mostly Sunday evenings, but some Saturdays, too.
Cost: Season passes from $150; Prices for individual concerts start at $12.50

* * * * * *
And more!

'Happenings!' is a list of upcoming art shows, theatrical and musical exhibitions, show and performances in and around Loudoun ~ Check there often for new updates!

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Monday, June 28, 2010

New Laws About Alternative Septic Systems

There are new laws - "Emergency Laws" - in effect now in the state of Virginia which regulate the maintenance and legal operation of so called "alternative septic systems". 

Alternative septic systems are anything that are not "conventional" systems.  Some common types include: Advantex, Delta Whitewater, Puraflo, Eco-flow and Sandfilter.  If you have one of these types of system (available only for the past 20 years), then these laws DO apply to you. 

Under these new regulations, HOMEOWNERS:

  • Must maintain an Operations and Maintenance Manual.

  • Must maintain a relationship with a licensed operator.  In most cases this means that you have to have a service contract, unless you are or you directly employ a licensed operator.

  • Assure that the licensed operator visits, collects samples and makes adjustments as needed for proper maintenance of system and to be in compliance with the regulations.

  • Make these records available to anyone who purchases the property.
In addition, if you have an "alternative" system in Loudoun County, you are required to have have an annual "1067" inspection.  The inspector must be approved by Loudoun County to conduct such an inspection (see link below of approved inspectors). 

The costs of a maintenance contract and the various inspections vary depending on your system, but shouldn't be more than a few hundred dollars a year. In most cases it will still be less expensive than paying a public utility for sewage services.
A note about contractors:
Please note that all contractors are not equal.  In Virginia, there are separate licenses issued for installers and operators.  Although one may carry both licenses, not all do.  Further, Loudoun has specifically provided a list of approved inspectors to be in compliance with their law... approved inspectors may or may not also be licensed operators or installers.  Personally, I suggest one stop shopping... hire someone that is a licensed 1067 inspector, a licensed operator and even a licensed installer, in case you need a new tank or drainage lines.  In my opinion, this will usually offer more seamless service and overall better maintenance.  Companies that can offer you all relevant services may even offer you discounts on larger repairs that fall outside of the normal maintenance realm.  On local company that offers this "one stop shopping" with licensed operators and installers and are approved to conduct 1067 inspections for Loudoun, is

Additional References:

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Youth Sports Opportunities in Loudoun

If you're moving to Loudoun, you may wonder what there is for kids to do... well, the list is so plentiful, we have to break it down into segments.  Here's a list we compiled on the Leesburg, Va Facebook fan page of area sports opportunity for kids.  If you're moving here, you might just want to "fan" that page on Facebook... you'll get a real feel for the heart of the community there. 
In the meantime, enjoy this list of places where your kids can get involved in local sports! 

(And remember, if you're looking to move here... as a local REALTOR, I'd love to help you~Click HERE to go to my web page!)


Loudoun Freedom (travel, girls):
Town of Leesburg/Parks and Rec:  
Upwards Basketball-LCC/Dominion Academy:
Upwards Basketball-CFC:


Loudoun Co Parks & Rec:
Upwards Cheerleading-LCC/Dominion Academy:  
Town of Leesburg/Parks and Rec:


Dance Academy of Loudoun:
Creative Dance Center:


Dulles Sportsplex:  
Loudoun Co Parks and Rec:
Town of Leesburg/Parks and Rec:


i9 Youth Football League:
Loudoun Co Parks & Rec:
Town of Leesburg/Parks and Rec:  


Dulles Sportsplex:


Loudoun Co Parks & Rec:
Town of Leesburg/Parks and Rec:


Loudoun Co Parks & Rec:


(Ice) Ashburn Ice House:
(Roller Hockey) Dulles Sportsplex:


Dulles Sportsplex:
Loudoun Youth Soccer Association:
Town of Leesburg/Parks and Rec:
Loudoun Co Parks & Rec:


Town of Leesburg/Parks and Rec:


Town of Leesburg/Parks and Rec:
Loudoun Co Parks & Rec:


Town of Leesburg/Parks and Rec:
Loudoun Co Parks & Rec:


Dulles Sportsplex:
Loudoun Co Parks & Rec:


Town of Leesburg/Parks and Rec:
Loudoun Co Parks & Rec:
General Family Fitness/For Kids Sake:

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Catoctin Creek Distillery

Did you know that Loudoun has a distillery now?  It's true... the first legal distillery in Loudoun since prohibition!  And, in keeping with the times, it's a certified organic product.

Catoctin Creek Distillery is located in Purcellville, VA.  It's family owned and operated...and the "local" feel of this company really has the community pushing for their success. 

Available in Virginia ABC stores, and now available in Maryland, too, they currently have 3 products on the market... a rye whiskey, Roundstone Rye; a light whiskey, Mosby's Spirit, and a gin, Watershed Gin.  They're aging some Brandy - a product made by partnering with local wineries - and we can't wait to until the holidays to see how it turns out!

Many local restaurants boast menus featuring locally grown produce, meats from local farms, and local wines... and now, one by one, they are adding products from Catoctin Creek Distillery to their menus!

The distillery uses local friends to help bottle the product, and volunteers are encouraged to sign their names to the labels.  I happened to buy a bottle from their very first batch, one bottled and autographed by their teenage son. There's just something special about buying a bottle with a person's signature on it - perhaps even someone you know!

You are encouraged to stop in for tours during the week, and from time to time they're open on the weekends, too.  Bring in a bottle of the stuff you've picked up at the local ABC store and they'll even autograph it for you!

Curious about the distilling process?  CCD even offers distilling workshops where they will teach you their craft.  Catoctin Creek Distillery offers shot glasses, Tshirts and other fun products... all available at their Purcellville location or online.  Visit their web site to learn more and visit often for updates on this next up and coming Loudoun business!

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Friday, June 25, 2010

What To Do In Loudoun This Weekend!

If you're bored this weekend in Loudoun, THAT is a personal problem... because there's no lack of things to do - inside or out, and for every budget or interest!

Saturday Mornings are for....

Farmers Markets and Yard Sales ....taking care of business - like getting rid of hazardous household waste at the county collection site..... and then onto the Used Book Sale (which supports our the summer reading programs at our Loudoun County Libraries!)...and then... on to the real festivities...what's your pleasure?

Saturday afternoons and evenings bring lots of fun options... like a visit to

One of our amazing parks for swimming, fishing, boating, hiking, picnicking, playing or just hanging out. 

Leesburg's Premium Outlet Mall for shopping, and where, between 2 and 4pm, you can catch the Summer Music Series (this week see "Moonlit in the Sun" play)!  Then, hop on the trolley and head over to "Downtown" Leesburg, where you can enjoy yet another FREE live music performance at Acoustic on the Green ("Naked Blue" is playing this weekend), and browse local shops and restaurants.  Music is 7-9 on the Town Green!

Brambleton's Town Center will be exploding with excitment Saturday.  The Loudoun Youth Fest starts at 2, and the Freedom Fest kicks off at 7:30 with a concert, followed by fireworks....all at the Town Center....where, did we mention it? you can eat, shop and catch a movie! 

Or just campout in your backyard... and be part of the 'Great American Backyard Campout' night on Saturday (designated by the National Wildlife Federation).  No backyard?  Check out a local campground, or head to grandma's house.

Sundays are for ...

Lazy, leisurely brunches.....

..........and checking out the neighbor's house that's for sale (it's OPEN - come on, let's go!)....ohhh, and what is this place for only $151,000?  Hmmm...maybe it's time to think of buying an investment property.

And, then, off to the Loudoun Summer Music Fest, where - this week - I plan to watch the Blues Travelers!

But some events are simply too good to be limited to one day and must go on all weekend....

Northern Virginia's Summer Brewfest is at Morven Park this weekend!

There's a Horse and Pony show in Middleburg for our Equestrian enthusiasts!

Any scrapbookers out there?  You know who you are!  Did you know The Great American Scrapbooking Event is at Dulles Expo?  WooHoo! Let's go!

* * * * *

It's such a great action packed weekend here in Loudoun, you might not even be able to sleep....maybe you should try reading or watching a movie.   So, head back over to that book sale - it's going on all weekend long ....or, maybe we forgot to tell you that if you have FIOS from Verizon, you get free HBO and Cinemax this weekend!

With a weekend like this, you might sleep all the way through Monday; and who wouldn't want that?!?!?!

 * * * * * * *
Do you live in or near Loudoun?  Join us on Facebook where you can keep up to date on all the events going on - check our wall and our Events page... and join the conversation.

* * * * * * *

Believe it or not, I just barely hit the highlights of Loudoun events this weekend.

If you're an art lover, check out this this site - where you'll see listings of exhibits and all kinds of performances:

Maybe you're looking for more kid oriented stuff -  has you covered!

And, VISIT LOUDOUN always has information for you.

* * * * *

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Monday, June 21, 2010

Facebook GiveAways!

So ya like FREE STUFF?  You're not alone. 

On the Leesburg VA Fan Page (, you can tune in on Wednesday afternoons between 4pm and 5pm, and try your hand at local trivia!  You just might win a prize if you're the first one that gets the answer right!

In recent weeks, some prizes have included:
*  4 Pack of Movie Tickets to Tally Ho Theatre
*  4 Pack of Concert Tickets to the Loudoun Summer Music Fest
*  Earrings from DK Designs/Beadology
*  2 Shotglasses & 2 Tshirts from Catoctin Creek Distillery
*  Aromatherapy candles from Gold Canyon Candles
*  Gift Certificate to The Wine Kitchen
*  Gift Certificate to Scentsy
*  Visa Gift Card from Keller Williams Realty

And, giveaways are soon to be increased to twice a week!  So, tune in!

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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Tax Day BITES! (Free food on April 15th)


Rumor has it that you can get FREE stuff on tax day at these places!

See a list:!/notes/leesburg-va/tax-day-bites-free-food-415-only/384923978333

If you know of others, please share.

We all deserve a break...especially on tax day.

Become a fan of Leesburg, VA and get tips like this all day, everyday!

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Saturday, April 10, 2010

National Open House Weekend!

Celebrate the first ever National Open House Weekend ~
Coordinated by the National Association of REALTORS!

Courtesy of "The Real Estate Whisperer", check out this list of fabulous OPEN HOUSES IN LOUDOUN this weekend!

Saturday (14 houses open):

Sunday (30 houses open):

Thinking of moving in the near future? Fan "The Real Estate Whisperer" to get this list every weekend!

Or, for a personal list of homes that are open each weekend, email your selection criteria to!

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Friday, March 26, 2010

Love By The Glass (Loudoun Style)

It's always been said that Virginia is for Lovers!  So, there's no better idea than a promotion called "Love By The Glass" to celebrate Virginia's First Ever Wine Week!

Virginia is well known for it's vineyards, and Loudoun is especially well regarded, often referred to as "DC's Wine Country". 

In fact, Leesburg was credited as being one of the top ten places for a wine lover to retire! 

With our many local vineyards, finding a local wine that you like should be easy.  Check out the specials offered by Loudoun's merchants, restaurants and vineyards, including:  Bluemont Vineyard, Fireworks Pizza, Grandale Farm Restaurant, Landsdowne Conference Resort, The Wine Kitchen, Tuscarora Mill Restaurant, Vintage 50, Wine Styles & Gifts Leesburg Vintner... and many more businesses in the Dulles and No Va area...See the full list here:

For a special discount at Leesburg Vintner, click HERE:

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A Rainy Afternoon @ Dulles Town Center Mall

A great afternoon at Dulles Town Center Mall!

Its true... my days of hanging out at the mall are, generally speaking, behind me.  When I am there, I am usually on a mission.  But this week, I planned an afternoon of treats at our local Dulles Town Center Mall for my two little ones who are 4 and 6.

First, we headed to see the Easter Bunny.  We get photos every year.  I admit to being shocked that Easter Bunny apparently got a tan, because he's not white this year, he's a light/medium brown.  And, their scenery was a little scaled down compared to prior years.  I was told that was because of the addition of the Starbucks in the middle of the mall, because their typical Easter Bunny set would have interupted the flow of traffic through the middle of the mall.  In any case, the kids were happy and the Easter Bunny was particularly playful.  New this year, the mall is offering the photos on a flash drive, along with a gift card for Shutterfly so you can order greeting cards and such with the photos.

Then we cruised up to the food court for Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream Cone (it was no coincidence that we were there on FREE CONE DAY).  I had forgotten just how good Chunky Monkey was.  MMM....

What child can resist riding the Carousel ($1.50 each) located in the food court?  We always make time for this.  It reminds me of a place in Fairfax where my dad used to take me for Carousel rides when I was a kid. 

As if pictures with the Easter Bunny, FREE Ice Cream and a Carousel Ride were not enough, we threw in one last treat.. something I've been wanting to do.  We jumped upon the train!  Yes, for $1.50 a person, you can be pulled around the mall in this adorable train.  We had a great time!

Although we skipped it, as our visit had already lasted a few hours, there is also an indoor play area for little ones.

So, if it's a rainy afternoon in Loudoun and you need something to do, consider checking out Dulles Town Center as a destination - even just to play with the kids.

For more information about Loudoun and life in Leesburg, stay tuned to

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This Weekends Events!

And so it begins... Here in Loudoun, next week is Spring Break, which means no school. 

Many people will be on vacation, others will perhaps be on a "Staycation" looking for local stuff to get into.  Still others will have extended family or friends staying with them during the week..and perhaps trying to figure out what to do with them.  Then there are the poor shleps that will be breezing to work with barely a hint of rush hour next week. 

Which one is you?

If you're staying local, and especially if you'll have visitors, you'll want to check out the Events Page of the Leesburg VA Fanpage.  There are TONS of Leesburg/Loudoun events listed...and many will be ongoing through the upcoming week.

This weekend a few seasonal highlights are:
While the fan page mostly focuses on Leesburg and Loudoun events, who can ignore DC's famous Cherry Blossom Festival, less than an hour away?

It's true, we do focus on the kid friendly and family oriented events (because children require constant entertainment), but trust me, DC's Wine Country offers plenty for adults. 
How about about antiquing, meandering and window shopping in our many downtown areas?  Check out are wonderful trails and parks where you can picnic, boat, fish, hike, and explore.  This weekend wraps up Virginia's first ever Wine Week (Click here for a coupon to our own Leesburg Vintner, and find out more), and there are many local restaurants, stores, and vineyards participating in the "Love By The Glass" promotion.

Whatever you're up to, there's something for everyone.  From now on, don't miss a thing!  Become a FAN today!

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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Business Appreciation Awards, Town of Leesburg

The Town of Leesburg is soliciting nominations for 9 categories of Business Appreciation Awards.  The categories and qualifying criteria are:

New Business Award
Celebrates a new business started within the last 3 years that, while respectful of Leesburg’s past, represents the best of the Town’s future.

Heritage Award
Celebrates a thriving business that has made a long-term commitment to preserving the integrity and character of Leesburg’s Historic Downtown.

Ambassador Award
Celebrates a business or organization that has fostered a positive image of Leesburg as a business location or tourist destination.

Innovations Award
Celebrates a business that has brought recognition to Leesburg through creative marketing efforts, innovative business ventures and/or unique product development.

Environmental Award
Celebrates a business that conducts or participates in activities that benefit the environment through its business practices and policies on an on-going basis.

Home-Based Business Award
Celebrates the owner of an independent product- or service-based business, operated from a residence located within Leesburg, who serves as a small business advocate with the business community.

Public Art Award
Celebrates a business that makes a contribution to the development of the Town’s public art program, or actively supports the arts within the Town of Leesburg.

Community Steward Award
Celebrates a for-profit business that participates actively in the community by contributing its resources.

The George C. Marshall Award
Celebrates an individual who has demonstrated an exemplary commitment to the community above and beyond business contributions.

On the Leesburg, VA Facebook Fan Page, we've been conducting a suggestion poll over the past few evenings.  All qualifying suggestions have been transferred to the Discussions page, and we invite you to join into the discussion, and THEN to complete and submit the nomination form. 

Join the discussion first so that you can see the input from others, you may see a suggestion of a business that doesn't initially come to mind, but who is even more deserving of the award.  On the other hand, you may sway the votes of others by telling them your suggestion (and including an explanation is always helpful when trying to persuade someone).

We hope you'll join us today!

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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Make A Difference, Get A Day

If you read this blog regularly, you know I like to educate and raise awareness of issues that are important to our community. Although I generally steer clear of things that are too political or may divide is, if I can.

You might also know that I am a Girl Scout leader.  I have a second year Daisy troop.  It is the volunteer organization which I commit to most regularly.

Yesterday's meeting was wonderful.  My first grade girls finished up their Journey "Between Earth and Sky".  To celebrate, we had a garden party, where we ate fruits and vegtables and talked about what part of the plant we were eating, and how they are grown. 

Then, we talked about World Water Day and what we could do about the water crisis in the world.  Each girl made the simple promise to turn off the water while they were brushing their teeth, rather than to let it run.  We could save a lot of water if we all did this.  We could make a difference with just a small act like that. And, it is something my 6 and 7 year olds can do personally.

In just a couple hours, I felt that I made the world a better place.  I educated and impacted the thoughts of 10 little girls who will change the world, and hopefully they will impact others.

While I choose Girl Scouts, you may choose any variety of activities that you support.  But, I hope you all pick something that is important to you, something you enjoy, and work to make a positive difference in the world around us and in the lives you touch every day.

While it pales in comparison to the natural reward, Disney has a great promotion going on.  In exchange for your volunteerism today, you get a "Free Day" at a Disney Park.  I got my free day, did you get yours?  Check out for details.

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Monday, March 22, 2010

Today is World Water Day!

Today is World Water Day, kicking off World Water Week!

I believe the world was quite lovely when I arrived, and I'd like to see it just as nice, or better, when I leave.  So, I want to share some resources with you.

The following is cut and paste directly from the Loudoun Water blog "Water We Thinking":

Celebrating World Water Day This Week

For this week's post, I thought I share an email I received this morning from the folks at Tapped (a documentary that aims to change our collective minds about tap water - in a good way). The following is a direct re-post from their email:
Today is a day that will go unnoticed by far too many – March 22 is World Water Day. It’s a day sanctioned by the United Nations to bring awareness to the fact that by 2030, two-thirds of the world will lack access to clean drinking water. The severity of this crisis has prompted the United Nations to conclude that water scarcity will be the chief constraint to increased food production in the next few decades. The threat to water resources stands as one of the major crises facing the planet. Unfortunately World Water Day hasn’t achieved the same visibility as Earth day... not yet anyway. We hope all that will change after today.

The water and sanitation crisis claims more lives through disease than any war claims through guns.

Please join us in a campaign to raise the awareness of the severe water crisis we are facing in America and around the world. Currently more than one out of six people lack access to safe drinking water - that number will only increase unless we do something about it now.


Water is something so many of us take for granted. We think it’s available in unlimited supplies, yet 20 percent more water than is now available will be needed to feed the additional three billion people who will be alive by 2025. to sign legislation that protects our water supplies, repairs our infrastructure, and keeps water a public right rather than a commodity that can be bought and sold like any other article of commerce.

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“There is enough water for human need but not for human greed...”

Stephanie Soechtig
Director, Tapped
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We at Tapped feel that one day is not enough to do justice to all the water issues that deserve our attention. As a result we have turned Water Day into Water Week and will take the next 5 days to address a different water theme each day. Come back every day to see the newest videos, public service announcements and guest columns we’ll post here daily.