Sunday, December 27, 2009

Thank U Berry Munch! (Salad with COOKIES!)

Our Newest Girl Scout Cookie, THANK U BERRY MUNCH, is scrumptious.  It is a light cookie, with cranberries. 

When I tasted it, I imagined a hot summer day that I'd been playing outside with the kids, getting parched and my blood sugar running low.... and being treated to this cookie!  It would be delightful to have coupled with some rasberry tea, lemonade or a mix of gingerale and cranberry juice (a favorite "spritzer" of mine)... ahhh.... simply refreshing. 

It bet it would also be fantastic with a hot fruit flavored tea and a touch of honey on a chilly spring or fall day.

With it being new this year, I've not had time to really experiment or day dream about experimenting with recipes with this cookie... but some bakers have.  They have some great ideas!!!  And, if we use them we can have cookies in our salad.  I love this diet plan!  It's one even I might be able to stick to in 2010.

Try out some....

For the kiddos, maybe

Or maybe some

I also suspect you could crush it up and make it into a pie crust which would be wonderful with a cheesecake filling or vanilla pudding filling with cranberries mixed in.

These are really interesting recipes, admit it.  You know you need a box, even if it is just to try out these recipes.  So, just click here to find out how to order Girl Scout Cookies in Loudoun/Dulles or elsewhere!

And, stay tuned to  I have a few more recipes I will be posting soon!

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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Classic Girl Scout Cookie: Trefoils

Girl Scouts have been selling shortbread cookies for more than 60 years, and this classic (called "Trefoils" by Little Brownie Bakers), remains a favorite.  An online opinion poll found at reports that 5% of us claim it is our favorite GS cookie (a 3 way tie for 4th place); but the GS organization reports that the shortbread cookies account for 9% of sales, rating 5th.

Personally, I think these are refreshingly simple and I love eating them (for breakfast) after dipping them in my coffee.  PLEASE do not tell my children I eat cookies for breakfast - it would shatter their image of me...or shatter the image I wish my children would have of me.

ABC Bakers, one of the commercial bakers producing GS cookies, offers a serving suggestion of sandwiching ice cream or sherbert between the cookies. 

I suspect you could make a really good pie crust by using crushed shortbread cookies & butter; and I bet that would be wonderful for a pudding pie, ice cream pie or even cheesecake. 

And, be sure to stay tuned to learn more about GS cookies, and cookie sales in Loudoun County!

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If you time it right, your housewarming gift maybe Girl Scout Cookies
or perhaps a recipe made with Girl Scout Cookies!

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Sunday, December 20, 2009

GS Cookies, Not Just For Dessert Anymore! Check Out These Great Recipes - including DINNER recipes - with Do-Si-Dos

The GS Cookie "What's Your Favorite" online poll suggests that only 5% of us rate Do-Si-Dos (AKA Peanut Butter Sandwich) as our favorite.... but some how, the Girl Scouts report that 11% of cookie sales are for Do-Si-Dos.  I guess the people who like those cookies best buy twice as many boxes.

Well, Do-Si-Do fans, we're taking orders!!!!  Order plenty for "now" and later, and order enough that you can try out one (or more) of these interesting recipes:

What's For Dinner? 
Peanut Thai Chicken made with Do-Si-Dos!
Do-Si-Do Chicken

Then, for Dessert try out one of these:
Peanut Butter and Jelly Ice Cream Sunday Pie.
Do-Si-Do Cheesecake

Be sure and check out our other posts, including recipes with other GS Cookies!! For a list of all GS cookies being offered in our region, and to find out how to place an order, click here!

And, be sure to stay tuned to learn more about GS cookies, and sales in Loudoun County!

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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Tagalongs, My Favorites!

There is a discrepancy between the Girl Scout cookie sales reports and the online voting at as to whether Thin Mints or Samoas (aka Caramel deLites) are America's favorite cookie.  Regardless of which you trust, Tagalongs (aka Peanut Butter Patties) come in a solid 3rd place.  Since these are my personal favorites, I am a little shocked, but that's fine, it means less competition for me!

Follow these links to see recipes for:

Chocolate Peanut Butter Parfait (which reads like a rather challenging recipe) or Southern Peanut Butter Pie (I am imagining it melt in my mouth right now), both found on the web site for the GS Council of Western Washington.

I found several recipes for basic milkshakes incorporating crushed Tagalongs, but this one which is a banana-vanilla tagalong shake is intriguing:

And, even though these sound really, really good, it goes against my grain to chop up these cookies in anything other than my very own mouth.  I love them almost frozen, or completely melting in my hands!  I simply love these.  The only problem, I open a box and those darn cookies run and jump into my mouth and next thing you know they are on my hips!  To me, another hour on the bike at the gym seems worth it to enjoy these wonderful treats!

Have you ordered your Samoas, Thin Mints or Tagalongs yet? Place your order early!!  In Loudoun and the Dulles area, please contact me for details.  Elsewhere, please find a cookie sales-scout near you at

Stay tuned for more information about LIVING IN LOUDOUN COUNTY.

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Friday, December 18, 2009

Thin Mints, More than a Cookie! A Key Ingredient for These Tasty Treats!

Remember, you can only buy Girl Scout cookies once a year... but they freeze well, and there are so many things you can do with these American classics! has an ongoing poll, and as of today, THIN MINTS are the second favorite GS cookie.  But, the Girl Scout organization reports Thin Mints are #1.  Last year, our troop sold exactly as many Thin Mints as Samoas, so how can we really know? 

In any case, here are some Thin Mint Recipes to get your creative juices stirring...

THIN MINT BROWNIES - suggested by Little Brownie Bakers (the bakers that make Thin Mints)
THIN MINTS PIZZA SUPREME - leave it to Rachel Ray to come up with this one! Yum!
THIN MINTS CHEESECAKE - continuing with my theme from yesterday, I must highlight a cheesecake recipe!
DOUBLE LAYERED MINT CHOCOLATE CAKE - offered to us by the Central Texas GS Council
THIN MINT ICE CREAM - in the mood to make your own ice cream?  Try this recipe from ABC Bakers.

For a simple option, add crushed Thin Mints to your already made milkshakes - made of  Mint Chocolate Chip, Chocolate or even Vanilla Ice Cream.   As Dairy Queen found out last year, this is a sure fire crowd pleaser!

Be sure and check out our earlier post on Recipes With Samoas, the #1(?) GS Cookie! 

For a list of all GS cookies being offered in our region, and to find out how to place an order, click here!

And, be sure to stay tuned to learn more about GS cookies, and sales in Loudoun County!


This message brought to you by Vicky Chrisner, a Loudoun/Dulles area real estate agent, wife, mom, Girl Scout Leader and long time community member of the Dulles area who currently makes her home in Leesburg, VA. Managing blogs and community resources like this is a labor of love.

They are created and maintained for the benefit of friends, neighbors, and clients as a community resource. Please enjoy! And, whenever you need real estate services, please think of her first...after all, now you have a friend in the business.

Stay tuned for more information about LIVING IN LOUDOUN COUNTY.

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Got Samoas? We Got Recipes!

According to an ongoing poll at, 34% of us voted that Samoas are our favorite Girl Scout Cookie offered!  (The GS organization, however, reports that only 19% of the cookies sold are Samoas; topped by Thin Mints which account for 25% of the cookies sold.)

Not only are they a great cookie, but you can use them in lots of recipes.  Little Brownie Bakers (the bakers for the GS cookies we get locally), offer recipes for:

* Fried Samoas Shrimp (not sure how I feel about this one)
* Samoas Dream Cake (mmm...I am dreaming already)
* Samoas Sweet Rolls (Sounds scrumptious, but it's not what your thinking, these are made with crepes)
* Samoas Trail Mix (very "Girl Scout" don't you think?)

Samoan Cheesecake: Someone on uses the basic recipe for "Philadelphia Cheesecake" and crumbles up Samoas to add to the filling, and garnishes with a few extra for a nice presentation.  I LOVE cheesecake, and this sounds wonderful.

ABC Bakers (the "other" company who makes "Caramel deLites"-a similar cookie also sold in some regions by GS) offers a recipe for a Chocolate Caramel Coconut Dessert which sounds scrumptious! Click here to see this recipe.

Stay tuned for more Girl Scout Cookie News!  In Loudoun, contact me for details on ordering.  Elsewhere, go to and find a place near you to buy your own.

Remember, they are available only once a year, so buy enough to freeze!

Gifts of caring are also encouraged if you'd like to share this yummy tradition!


Stay tuned for more information about LIVING IN LOUDOUN COUNTY.

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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Rufus the Red Nosed Rain Dog

Did you see him?  He was in Leesburg this morning!   

As part of the Childrens Performance Series, Kaleidoscope Theatre at Ida Lee, Rufus was our special guest this morning!  Once a month, there is a different performer.  My son and I try to go each month - it's special "Mommy-Devon" time; but this month, our friend Zavion joined us.

Rufus is a brown dog with a red nose.  He's been homeless, hungry, cold and in the rain, for some time.  He was looking for some food to eat and a place to stay when we met him.  Then, out of the blue, SANTA arrived!  But, Santa did not believe he was a dog, as Santa had never seen a dog with a red nose. 

You see, Santa's dog is hot pink and has a purple nose, and so that is what Santa thinks ALL dogs should look like.  To prove he is a dog, Rufus had to go to dog school, taught by a Banana!  There, he learned important vocabulary like "ARF" "GRRR" and other such common dog language. 

In the process, we had some fun with letter sounds, and rymthing words.  In the end, Santa learned an important lesson... things that make us different make us special, and we're all different.  Santa offered Rufus some food and a permanent home, and dubbed Rufus the "Red Nosed Rain Dog" telling him to go find other special dogs that are out in the cold and rain with no food and no home... and to bring them all to the North Pole to live with them as one big happy family!

It was a great story and we didn't feel bad about skipping preschool to go, since there were several good lessons in the story.  The most important lesson of all:  Our differences make us special.

Thank you to Blue Sky Puppet Theatre for a great show today!  Be sure to check out the upcoming schedule for the Kaliedoscope Theatre HERE; and we hope to see you next time.

For more information about Loudoun Living, stay tuned to

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Happy Holidays to you all!

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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Changing The World, One Cookie At A Time!

The Loudoun Chapters of the Girl Scouts are kicking off their cookie sale
December 18th (Friday). 

My girls would LOVE to have your order!!  They are $3.50 a box.

This year's choices are:
(ALL GS cookies are Kosher)

Lemon Chalet Cremes
Vanilla sandwhich cookie w/ hint of cinnamon-ginger spice and a refreshing zesty lemon creme filling
* I am told these are Vegan!


Vanilla Cookies, covered w/ caramel, rolled in toasted coconut and striped with a rich, chocolaty coating

Dulce de leche (New 2009)
Inspired by confections of Latin America, these are bite sized cookies rich with milk caramel chips

Thank U Berry Munch: (New 2010)
Real cranberries provide a delightly tarness in these hearty cookies sweetened with creamy white fudge chips.  Yumm!
*  I am told these are Vegan.
CLICK HERE to get the recipe for a SALAD with these cookies, or trail mix or other recipe ideas. 

Tasty cookies topped with creamy peanut butter and covered with a chocolaty coating.  (Vicky's favorite)

Thin Mints 
Thin wafer, covered in a smooth chocolaty coating,
made w/ natural peppermint.  For Thin Mint Recipe Ideas, Click Here!



You may also purchase cookies to be donated or contribute to the troop's GIFT OF CARING
- our troop will be sending the donated cookies to Afghanistan/Iraq (if possible).  Alternatively, the cookies will be donated to our local food bank - Interfaith Relief.  Please specify if you'd like to donate to one of these causes. 


With your help, the Girl Scouts are building the leaders of tomorrow,
 changing the world for the better.... one cookie at a time. 

Learn more about the HISTORY OF GIRL SCOUT COOKIES by clicking HERE.

In Loudoun and Dulles, contact
to find out how to place your order.

Outside Loudoun, visit to find a troop near you!
*  Dietary Information for Girl Scout Cookies can be found here:

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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Live Nativity in Leesburg

A very special THANK YOU to the Leesburg Church of the Nazarene for the Live Nativity event my family enjoyed tonight!  This is our first time attending it, but, I hope it becomes an annual tradition. 
The outdoor event is a drive through "theatre" of sorts, with eleven separate scenes depicting the biblical story of the birth of Jesus in a manger.  The scenes are acted out by more than 100 actors, and live animals including donkeys, sheep and camels.

There is no cost for the event, although as you exit, they will accept donations (not ask for them, and not "suggest" donations, accept them, should you feel inclined to offer something).

It is a very nice event, tons of effort goes into this, and I know they have significant costs.... and I am happy to support it. We simply didn't have much cash on us tonight (and no one made us feel bad about it), so I plan to send a check.
Not only is the event truly free, but they handed out programs and CDs to each car. I haven't investigated what they gave us, but it is the thought that counts, and so I appreciate it. 

Again, thank you to the Leesburg Church of the Nazarene.  The community clearly appreciates your efforts!  What a wonderful event!


If you missed it tonight, it's not too late, it will be offered again tomorrow evening,
5:00 to 8:30pm.

A few tips:
*  The address (for your GPS) is 17667 Roxbury Hall Road, Leesburg, VA; but if you are on Rte 7 about 1/2 mile west of Leesburg, you can't miss it - look for the traffic signs, cones and police directing cars.
*  Expect traffic.  Under normal circumstances it would be 5 minutes from the heart of Leesburg, but this is a very popular event.  It took us 30-45 minutes before we got into the event. (It's worth it.)
* To avoid frustrations, plan as if you'll be on a trip for a while. Put little ones in their PJs and bring blankets, pillows and entertainment (DVD, snuggle buddies, whatever works). We brought fresh baked cookies and hot cocoa and listened to Christmas music on the radio (thanks WASH FM - 97.1) while we waited.
I gathered from the signs they allow you to line up beginning at 4:30, we left Leesburg at about 5:30 and returned home shortly after 7.
*  You can only get in the line from the East bound lanes on Route 7 (and trust me, you can't miss it).  If you are coming from Leesburg, all the left turn options are blocked.  You'll need to take the exit for Route 9 (on the right), and then make a left off the exit, cross the bridge and make another left onto Route 7 East before you can get into the line.  Then, relax, turn up the tunes and enjoy the cocoa, you'll be seeing angels soon!

Again, despite my warnings about the traffic, don't let it deter you.  It is a wonderful event, and I hope to be back next year. 

Merry Christmas to all... and to all a good night!

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Saturday, December 5, 2009

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas!

It's beginning to look at lot like Christmas, Everywhere you go.... (Can you hear it playing?)

A week ago I was still feeling very "bah, humbug" and not anxious to do much of anything holiday related.  But, this week I put a serious dent in our Christmas shopping, the kids were in a Christmas Musical at our church, my husband got the exterior lights up, I took the kids to see Santa, and today it snowed!  Most of these pics are from my evening drive to enjoy the snowy sites of a wonderful little town that is all dressed up for the holidays.

This combination seems to be a recipe to cure the "Bah-Humbug" in me.  But if you're still feeling Bah-Humbug, Leesburg has even stronger medicine for you - and it will be ready next weekend! 

We're gonna party like its... Christmas!  There's a HUGE holiday festival in Downtown Leesburg on December 12th.  It's all being kicked off with a holiday parade down the "usual route"; then, there will be carriage rides, carnival games and rides and the North Pole train will all be found in Downtown as the historic district is transformed into a holiday wonderland!  Topping it all off will be our first ever "Jingle Jam" at Tally Ho - a holiday music concert "with an edge".   With little ones, we hope to catch the early show, and won't be sticking around for the nightlife which is sure to ROCK your world.  Instead, we plan to end our evening at the Drive Thru Nativity Scene (with live animals) being offered by one of our local churches.

I, for one, can't wait... and I hope you'll join us.  You'll soon see that Leesburg is truly the place to be!

ATTN: LEESBURG RESIDENTS - Check this web site to see when Santa, Frosty and Rudolph will be riding through your neighborhood!  This is one of my favorite parts of living in town.  Don't miss it!


Look for the Keller Williams float - I will be there.  Oh, and my kids will also be in the parade - riding the bus for their daycare/after school care. 

Be sure to shout and cheer for us all!  If it's cold, we'll need the encouragement!!

For more information about Loudoun Living, stay tuned to
For real estate information, check out
You can search for homes for sale in the Northern Virginia market at

Happy Holidays to you all!
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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

All I Want For Christmas Is To Save Landfill Space

All I want for Christmas is to Save Landfill Space.  Can you help?

Yes, Trash and the Holidays go together.  Think of what the streets and dumpsters in your neighborhood look like on "trash days" for the days and weeks after Christmas.  It's been said that between Thanksgiving and New Years, Americans throw away an extra MILLION TONS of garbage EACH WEEK.  Really?  Ya gotta be kidding me.

But, then again, think of the wrapping paper we purchase just to wrap presents and then unwrap them and throw it away.  What about all the boxes we ask for from retailers - again, just to make wrapping easier, and then we throw away the boxes.  And, with all the new toys, and the ebay and internet shopping, mailing gifts to far away family members, the packaging is all just for TEMPORARY use.  Then, we throw it all away.  But, together we can make a difference!

Give it some thought. 
What ways can we save landfill space?


  • Boxes:  Instead of asking for boxes at the retailers, can you wrap your gifts without the boxes?  If you must use a box, can it be a box that can be used again - like a storage box that the recipient needs anyway? 
    • Replacing the need for boxes AND wrapping paper, a friend of mine buys Space Bags and "shrink wraps" gifts like blankets, clothes, etc., and then wraps a big bow around it!  She says when everything's smooshed you can't really tell what it is anyway! And the bags are treasured parts of the gift and are her extended family... sometimes to pack hand-me-down clothes to give back to her! (Win-win-win again!)
    • Check out the many ideas here:

  • Wrapping Paper:  Is it really necessary?   What about hiding gifts and creating a treasure map that goes into the stocking, allowing older kids to follow clues to find their gifts?  They might not need to be wrapped at all!

  • Packaging Materials:  Do you really need styrofoam peanuts?  Why not reuse something already on hand?  Think old grocery bags and newspaper or shredded paper from the office.

  • Holiday Cards: Must you?  Consider sending an E-card or calling with your holiday wishes.  But, if you must send cards, check out our idea under "Reuse".

Wrapping Paper:  
  • What about re-using gift bags from last year?
  • Remember in the 70's?  We used to wrap presents in the comic section from the Washington Post, or in brown paper bags. I don't know if we did it because we were poor, or what - but we did.  And, it is sounding like a great idea to me!  Plus, instead of "trashing" that paper, we can use it in our wood burning fireplaces and stoves to start fires.  So, after we've read the paper, we can wrap in the paper and then burn it for heat, thus reducing the electric or natural gas we'll need to use to heat our home.  Other examples of things you can wrap gifts in - kids school work (maybe only the ones with good grades) art projects, calendar pages, interesting newspaper or magazine articles with relevent parts highlighted, old wallpaper and more!  Be creative.

  • Forgoe the need for boxes by using ordinary "trash" as containers - like placing gifts in toilet paper or paper towel rolls, or into a plastic 2 liter bottle, egg cartons... just about anything - check out the ideas in this blog, which include instructions on how to use old greeting cards to make gift boxes:

  • If you really need a box in which to wrap something, can you use a box you have around the house, or one destined for the trash?  Richard Mielke (A REALTOR in Gettysburg, PA) has a stash of gift boxes that his family keeps and reuses year to year.  Fellow Twit CSSharp7 says her family has pre-wrapped boxes they reuse each year!  In our family, one of our best "gags" is wrapping a "new" stereo in the box of an old stereo (or a variation of this gag) - the kids buy into the gag every time and it is hysterical. 

  • Use gift bags whenever possible instead of boxes, as they are more likely to be reused in the future, and specifically tell the recipient that is why you chose to use a bag - so you'd create less trash and they'd have something reuseable.

  • When shopping, don't forget to bring along your own bags - the ones you use at the grocery store or extra plastic or paper ones you have at the house are great. 

  • Likely, you will still end up with new extra bags after your shopping endeavors.  Reuse these as packaging materials, perhaps to make your own gift bags (SEE LINK), and to carry packages when you're delivering them.  Then, when they are torn and good for nothing, move on to Recycling.
Christmas Cards:

  • Remove the fronts of Christmas Cards and attach a new back - presto magic - an inexpensive and "green" holiday card.

  • Too much work for you?  Send your cards to St. Judes and they'll gladly do it.  They are accepting cards (for ANY occaision) through February.  For more details, go to their site:  Special thanks to Lisa Rodgers (via her blog, "") for this great idea!
  • Re-gifting and shopping at thrift/second hand stores is all the rage this year!  It's thrifty AND green - two things our society needs more of right now! 
  • Check out these ideas: (Recycled Holidays)
Christmas Trees:

  • If you usually get a live tree, does it make sense for you to purchase one that can be replanted?  No space in your yard?  I bet a local school, park or other landowner would be more than willing to allow you to plant it on their property.

  • Does it make sense for you to consider an artificial one?  Make sure, of course, that you do reuse it.  Better yet, use an "extra" one someone else is no longer using.

When all else fails, at least recycle.  If you generally don't recycle, could you at least commit to recycling during the next 30 days? It counts as your Christmas gift to me, and to all your neighbors.... and to yourself.  Plus, it likely won't cost you a thing.  How many holiday gifts are free, really?

Replacing your old lights?  Check out this recycling (and money saving) opportunity!:
I found this great blog on what the "recycling numbers" mean.  It's a good general guide to the types of products that are usually recylcable, check it out:

And, look for special opportunities to throw away live trees - they are recycled into mulch.  At least in Loudoun, the mulch is available at the Loudoun County Landfill for pick up anytime - free of charge (you haul).  Check out this blog for other examples of how trees are being recycled, and links to where you can get information on recycling trees in your area:

Also keep in mind that the plastic store bags are recyclable - but you usually have to return them to a grocery store to find the right place to leave them.  And, to find recycling drop off centers for those styrofoam peanuts check out this site:   (Thanks to Avery Products for sharing this site!)


What other ideas do you have to keep our landfills from getting
"dumped on" this holiday season?  Please share!

And, when you see Christmas Decorations of red and green, think of THIS picture, and think how great you'd look if YOU were green. 
Then, make it happen!  REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE.

Thank you for doing your part!

Stay tuned for more information about LIVING IN LOUDOUN COUNTY.

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Curious what the value of your home is? 

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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Chrisner Family Thanksgiving (A Poem)

"It's Turkey Day!" she exclaimed, as I opened my eyes.
"We get to see Grandma and eat lots of pies!
And, I can watch the parade on TV with you guys!"
Said six year old Rachael, like it was a surprise.

"MILK!" Screeched the Gremlin. "Chocolate Milk, I said.
And, I'm cold and want blankey…Mmmmoooooomy! Get out of bed!"

I was snuggled so warmly in bed…
But the screeching Gremlin was hurting my head.
Off came the covers, and on went the robe.
I stumbled to the kitchen of our humble abode.
I started the coffee, and fixed ITS milk….
I gave it to him, with his blankey of silk.

After calming the Gremlin, the princess came down...
There she was, dressed and ready, in a ball gown.
"Let's go to Grandmas" she said, with a smile!
"Not yet, Rachael… we're not going for quite a while.
Now change your clothes, get out of that dress,
And do it right now before you make it a mess."

Then the Princess, she pouted… and she did so all day.
You'd think with so many toys she'd have something to play.
But no, she just bugged us… all the day through
Patience is not her strongest virtue .

It drove me crazy, so I left them with Dad
I went to the gym, and I didn't even feel bad.
An hour of cardio, and an hour of weights
All the while dreaming of all of the plates
Of turkey and potatoes and yummies galore
That I'd be eating soon… thanks to my saviour.

And my mother in law, too… as she is the cook
Thank God for her… and her cook books!

I returned home, to the same scene as before
It didn't stop, I caught the encore
One minute a screech, the next a whine
But soon it would be time to dine!

Into the bath, the two of them went
I felt kind of bad, my poor hubby was spent.
Then was my turn, I jumped in the shower,
Oh, boy! We'd be eating in less than an hour!

It was time to go, we got into the van
Mitch in his suit, Dev dressed as spiderman
Rach in her ballgown, Dad and I in our jeans
This is our family – and we're quite a scene

But then we were there… we had finally arrived
Those poor hungry children would no longer be deprived

At Grandmas, it was like a fairy tale,
The children were good, not a single wail
The golden bird and had such a great taste
Not a morsel of food would go to waste!

MMMMMM… the food was so yummie,
It filled ALL our tummies…
Then we got sleepy from the tryptophan
It was time to leave, so we got in the van

Home, ahh, sweet home…. And now all relaxed
We all climbed in our beds, and lay on our backs.
Our tummies were too full to lay any other way,
So that's how we slept, till the very next day.

To all of my friends, I wish you a good night.
Tomorrow's Black Friday… in all of its fright.

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