Monday, September 21, 2009

Shopping for a Cause!

As we all know, it is serious back to school time.  It seems to be consuming my life, and if you have kids in school, it's probably been your focus... too. 

I was sent home a list of web sites where I can register my various store loyalty cards so that any school benefits are sent to my children's schools.  But, you do NOT need to have school aged kids to participate.

If you have preschool children, I suggest that you sign up for the schools that your children WILL attend.  If you do not have children, perhaps you'll choose to register to support schools that your nieces and nephews or grandchildren, or your friends' children attend.  And, if all else fails, sign up to support the schools that your neighborhood kids attend.  When neighborhood schools have more tools and resources, they are better schools - and if your home feeds to that school, it increases the demand for housing in your community.  In other words, it can help increase the value of your own home.

So, take a few minutes and register to support a school - any school.  All schools need our help and this costs you nothing but a few minutes.  And, besides... next time you start to feel guilty because you spent a little too much, at least now you know you did it for a good cause!

Here's the list, if you have more to add, please chime in:  Merchants include Safeway, Pavillions, Vonls, Genuarti's, PW Markets, Adams. Link any debit or credit cards for additional school earnings (VISA, MC, AmEx, Discover, Carrs, Graegars, Office Max).  Also, you can print "Coupons for Kids" from the web site and your participating school receives an extra 5cents for every redeemed coupon.

Register your Giant Bonus Card This is quick and easy, and you can ask your support be divided by up to 3 schools (great when you have kids in more than one school).

Register your Target RED Card The designated school receives 1% of your purchases.

Register your Harris Teeter Card A portion of your Harris Teeter brand purchases is donated to the PTA.

Register your Food Lion (or Bloom) Loyalty Card  This site is temporarily down due to maintenance, but says it will be operational mid September, so I assume that means any day now.

Please note, for your reference I have provided the following back to school information in my blog:

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