Sunday, October 31, 2010

Our Backyard-o-lanterns

We invited the Backyardigans to come over and play,
so they put on their very best faces that day.

With masks of purple, yellow, orange, blue and pink,
they all wondered what the neighbors would think.

The sun, it grew hot, and the nights got so cold,
that our little Backyardigans began to look old.

They started to morph from a cheery, bright bunch
to some scary old goblins who'd eat you for lunch!

So we smashed them and trashed them and threw them away!
Perhaps they'll return this time next year to play

Special thanks to my 4 year old Devon who came up with the idea of carving & painting our pumpkins into backyardigan faces! 

Devon and Rachael had great fun creating them. Sadly, they got a lesson in why you should not carve them too early.

This wonderful poem was created by several of my friends who each contributed a verse.  It was, quite simply, too cute not to share on this fabulous Halloween Day!

Have a Happy Halloween... and if you are in Leesburg, please note: The Halloween Parade starts at 6 downtown - it is THE place to be. 

Trick or Treating commences after the parade.
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