Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Home Sales by Season

I am often asked about what our local seasonal cycles are for real estate, so I thought I'd pass along this chart (thanks MRIS) for real estate sales volume in Loudoun County since 2006.  Despite fluxuations due to weather, tax programs, loan programs, interest rates and many other things, this chart shows a definitive cycle for our area.  Lowest sales have been occurring in January and February and the highest number of sales usually in June of every year. 

Keep in mind, this chart represents closed sales.  Most residential contracts are 30-60 days in contract (of course, with short sales that is longer, but I am speaking "generally" here). 

Is your home listed yet?  If you're thinking of selling this year, you may want to get a jump on things.  Buyers are out in force now, and are looking.  Many people won't put their homes on the market until June (they'll wait until school is out, etc), so often the early bird does get the worm.

Vicky Chrisner

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