Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Demystifying Credit Scores

We interupt our regularly scheduled show for an important announcement from our sponsor: 
Vicky Chrisner, "The Real Estate Whisperer".

Credit scores impact all of our lives.... and not JUST when we're buying a new house. 

On my real estate blog (The Real Estate Whisperer), I've just finished a series of posts on Demystifying Credit Scores.  Please check it out (just click on the colored words above - they will link you right to it!

To look for homes for sale, or to run a Market Snapshot (an automated report prepared personally for you which will give you the sales activity information for your specific neighborhood), or for more real estate related information, check out my main web site at:  http://www.vickychrisner.com/

AND NOW... Back to our regular programming!

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