Wednesday, October 7, 2009

What You Don't Know Until You Move In

I've posted before about how much I love my neighborhood.... and I REALLY REALLY do.

When we chose the place, we picked it like all other buyers pick homes.  General area, conveniences, value, home style and condition... and it had a lot of kids, we could tell when we saw them in the neighborhood and we saw all the basketball hoops on the streets (which are actually prohibited by our HOA, by the way).  So, we bought.

I continually become overwhelmed, though, as things happen and I have opportunities to realize how truly wonderful my neighborhood is.

Recently, a man in our neighborhood passed away.  I didn't know him.  He had 2 boys in elementary school, but they are older than my kids and my kids don't know them.  I learned through the grapevine that the boys were staying with their grandparents, also in our neighborhood.  We don't know them either.  I asked "what about the mom?".  It turns out she died 5 years ago.

Yeah... let that sink in for a little bit.

Many of us reached out to those that know the family better and asked if there was something, anything, we could do.  We begged to help somehow. 

After some brainstorming we came up with a plan.  Twice a week, every week for the next three months, we would alternate cooking and bringing them dinner.  We would put together a list of stay at home moms or others with flexible schedules who might be able to help grandma get the kids to and from activities, or to run necessary weekday errands, as she doesn't drive and her husband is still working until the end of the year.

We had so many volunteers, we had to turn away offers of help.

We simply have the most wonderful community here.  I feel so blessed to live here, and can't imagine a better place to bring up my children.

We don't have much turnover here, but it is worth waiting to find a home that comes available in this neighborhood.  If you'd like more information about Ashton Downs, don't hesitate to contact me.


Update:   Today, October 8th is my turn! I've stressed and stressed (really, does it matter that much?). I didn't know what to bring. I finally settled on a simple chicken pot pie recipe (see pic). Mmmm... They smell so good.

There's an ice cream social at the school tonight, so I opted not to bring dessert, in hopes that the boys will be going. Just in case I am wrong, I bought a cookie and decorating kit - pumpkin shaped sugar cookies with icing, spinkles and such. My kids always liked doing stuff like that, hopefully these boys will, too. It also happens to be International Childrens Day. So, I bought two gift bags and filled them with magic trick "toys".

I imagine these boys are tired of mourning and people sending their sympathies.  They probably just want to be kids again.  I am making a lot of assumptions here.... hopefully I am guessing right. These boys need to figure out what their "new normal" will be.  Sadly, life won't go backwards for them, but it must go forward.  I pray my gifts and efforts are received well.

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