Thursday, October 8, 2009

What Kind of People Live In Leesburg?

So, what kind of people live in Leesburg? 

The following Leesburg Statistics were printed in the September Guide To Loudoun and were based on information from The Town of Leesburg Economic Development Department, the U.S. Census Beareu, the Bureau of Labor, the American Community Survey and the Loudoun County Department of Economic Developement.

1980:  8,357
1990: 16,202
2000: 28,311
2008: 38,206 (Esimate)

2000 Census: 10,325
2008: 13,828 (Estimate)

Racial and Ethnic Distribution
White 78.5%
Black: 9.6%
Hispanic: 9.9%
Asian: 5.1%
Other: 4.2%
Bi-or Multi-racial: 2.6%

Age Distribution
19 and under: 29.8%
20-44: 43.7%
25-64: 5.9%
Median age: 32.3

Educational Attainment
HS Grad or higher: 92.4%
Bach Degree or higher: 51.7%
Grad/Prof degree: 16.9%


In a nutshell, it's mostly well educated, younger families with lots of kids.  (Thus the continual political and public focus on our school system, which is reportedly one of the highest ranked in the nation.)

While median income levels were not offered in this article, Loudoun County remains the county with the highest median income in the entire country for two years in a row... competing for many years with Fairfax County for that title.

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