Friday, December 18, 2009

Got Samoas? We Got Recipes!

According to an ongoing poll at, 34% of us voted that Samoas are our favorite Girl Scout Cookie offered!  (The GS organization, however, reports that only 19% of the cookies sold are Samoas; topped by Thin Mints which account for 25% of the cookies sold.)

Not only are they a great cookie, but you can use them in lots of recipes.  Little Brownie Bakers (the bakers for the GS cookies we get locally), offer recipes for:

* Fried Samoas Shrimp (not sure how I feel about this one)
* Samoas Dream Cake (mmm...I am dreaming already)
* Samoas Sweet Rolls (Sounds scrumptious, but it's not what your thinking, these are made with crepes)
* Samoas Trail Mix (very "Girl Scout" don't you think?)

Samoan Cheesecake: Someone on uses the basic recipe for "Philadelphia Cheesecake" and crumbles up Samoas to add to the filling, and garnishes with a few extra for a nice presentation.  I LOVE cheesecake, and this sounds wonderful.

ABC Bakers (the "other" company who makes "Caramel deLites"-a similar cookie also sold in some regions by GS) offers a recipe for a Chocolate Caramel Coconut Dessert which sounds scrumptious! Click here to see this recipe.

Stay tuned for more Girl Scout Cookie News!  In Loudoun, contact me for details on ordering.  Elsewhere, go to and find a place near you to buy your own.

Remember, they are available only once a year, so buy enough to freeze!

Gifts of caring are also encouraged if you'd like to share this yummy tradition!


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