Sunday, December 20, 2009

GS Cookies, Not Just For Dessert Anymore! Check Out These Great Recipes - including DINNER recipes - with Do-Si-Dos

The GS Cookie "What's Your Favorite" online poll suggests that only 5% of us rate Do-Si-Dos (AKA Peanut Butter Sandwich) as our favorite.... but some how, the Girl Scouts report that 11% of cookie sales are for Do-Si-Dos.  I guess the people who like those cookies best buy twice as many boxes.

Well, Do-Si-Do fans, we're taking orders!!!!  Order plenty for "now" and later, and order enough that you can try out one (or more) of these interesting recipes:

What's For Dinner? 
Peanut Thai Chicken made with Do-Si-Dos!
Do-Si-Do Chicken

Then, for Dessert try out one of these:
Peanut Butter and Jelly Ice Cream Sunday Pie.
Do-Si-Do Cheesecake

Be sure and check out our other posts, including recipes with other GS Cookies!! For a list of all GS cookies being offered in our region, and to find out how to place an order, click here!

And, be sure to stay tuned to learn more about GS cookies, and sales in Loudoun County!

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