Sunday, March 8, 2009

More Recipes with Girl Scout Cookies

In prior posts I have added links for recipes made with the most popular Girl Scout cookies offered, including Samoas (aka Caramel deLites), Thin Mints, Tagalongs (aka Peanut Butter Patties), Do-Si-Dos (aka Peanut Butter Sandwiches) and the traditional Trefoil (aka Shortbread) cookies

There are a few other recipes I wanted to share with you that caught my attention while doing research for these posts:

Lemon Chalet Cremes:  Lemon Out of Site Delight - a Lemon pie that sounds delightful

Dulche de Leche: Dulche de Leche & Chocolate Delight

Thanks A Lots (sadly, our area doesn't offer this cookie, but I liked the recipe): Thanks-A-Lot Chocolate Eclair

You'll notice themes with many of the recipes:

Plainer cookies (like Trefoils, ThanksALots, Thank U Berry Munches) can be crushed and made into a pie crust, and then by adding a complimentary ice cream (soften it in your microwave first and then spread into the pie and re-freeze) or pudding (follow pie filling recipe) or cheesecake.  Then add some garnish like fruit, cookies or whip cream.

Fancier (like Samoas) cookies can be crushed and put into pudding with other favorite additives and served as delightful treats.

I also found some recipes intriguing - like the shrimp prepared with a recipe using Samoas, or the Do-Si-Do Chicken, and my favorite, the Thank U Berry Munch salad.

So, get creative with your cookies this year - buy an extra box or two, just to see what you can invent!  Then, submit the recipe to me (must be original), and I will post it and circulate it through the GS community, and your first box the next year is on me!

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MARCH UPDATE:  Oh!  A new site offering recipes with GS Cookies... try these out (CLICK HERE)

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