Friday, January 1, 2010

A New Years Resolution for 2010

Every year this time, people come up with New Years Resolutions. On January 1, they try to make a change in their life. By January 3rd most have quit trying.

I used to skip the typical New Years Resolutions (which I saw as being pre-destined for failure) and to make resolutions on my birthday...the start of MY New Year.  I had moderate success with this.

But, in 2009 on my Birthday I realized I had 2 years before I would be 40. I thought about who I wanted to be wheby that time. Then, I made a list of things that needed to change in my life for me to become that person, and I have been working toward becoming that person. I did not say, “the day after my birthday I will___” , instead I decided that BY my 40th birthday I would ___.” To reach that goal, I knew I needed to start TRYING, and to keep trying for 2 years, to become that person I envisioned.

Roughly ten months later, I am pleased to report immense success. I do more charity work, I am regularly involved in my church and growing again spiritually, my family recycles our trash, we’ve cut back on our energy usage, I have started going to a gym regularly, and have designated times that I spend with my little kids (it's harder with the older ones, but I am still trying).

All of these were goals that I set; and I feel very good about my accomplishments. However since they are changes to WHO I am and how I approach life daily, maintaining these habits requires constant work.  Not only that, but many of my goals require involvement of my family.... making things even more difficult, since my success depends on my ability to get them to participate - even though they do not all share my same goals.

I am still a work in progress, as is my family. I have many more goals to accomplish, while maintaining the changes I’ve already made in my life, and continuing to motivate my family.

If you see New Years as a time to make resolutions, instead of thinking you can change overnight, and then feeling disappointed that you slipped up and throwing in the towel completely, acknowledge that you are human, and that changes take time and work.

Set your goal to be fully implemented in your life by New Years Eve 2010.   And, stay tuned to because I will post more on this in the coming days - I will share what I've learned about accomplishing goals; and hopefully you'll share what successes and failures you've had, too.  Together, we can move toward becoming who we really are meant to be.

Best wishes for a magical 2010!

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