Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Magical Story Telling

Last week, my daughter's elementary school hosted Mark Daniels, the "Magical StoryTeller".  He performed for the children during an assembly in the daytime, and then for a really special treat, he had a second, evening performance, for the children and their families.

The event hosted at the school by the PTA are always enjoyable and always free, so I packed up my preschool son and elementary aged daughter and headed to the school after dinner. 

I regularly take my children to see kids entertainers of all sorts - singers, bands, puppet shows, dancing shows, you name it, and we enjoy all of them.  THIS particular childrens entertainer truly brought a little magic with him, and I must say he is perhaps the best childrens entertainer I've seen in recent years.

His show incorporates some special friends - like puppets and a live rabbit.  It includes some low tech magic tricks that will capture the interest of the children. And, he tells stories - like Green Eggs and Ham - in a special "fast forward" kind of way - hitting the highlights.  This allows his 1 hour show to include about 5 stories - most of which are children's classics.  By combining these elements, some background scenery and music, and his own special kind of charm, it truly is a magical experience.

I was thoroughly delighted and felt "happy" at the end of the show, ready to fall asleep and dream beautiful dreams full of rainbows.  I could listen to him every night.  My children were absolutely in awe, as they got to hear, see and experience these stories in a truly new and amazing way. 

Mark Daniels fully earns his title of "magical story teller", and his shows truly encourage the love of reading and teach that magic lies within each book if you'll just apply your imagination. Check out his web site and make time to see him if you can:

Thank you to our PTA for sponsoring such a great show and making it available to the families of our school.
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