Thursday, January 14, 2010

A Good PTA = A Good Village

Since my daughter entered 1st grade last year, I've been blown away by how much is handled by our PTA and what a service it is to our school and our community.   Roughly once a month there is an event at school for families.  In this school year, SO FAR, we've had:
All of the events are free, and all of them are very much enjoyed.  In these social opportunities, the kids and parents and teachers get to meet and interact in a fun and casual way.  Very little true "school business" is discussed, as the focus is on fun.  However, these casual interactions make more serious business later go much more smoothly.  Parents meet the parents of their children's friends and before you know it, parents are picking up each others kids and doing all kids of stuff to help each other.

Why is this important? You know the saying "It Takes A Village To Raise A Child"?  Well, the village WILL raise your child.  The village includes the kids' friends and their families, teachers, scout and club leaders, coaches, ministers and church leaders.  With a little help from the PTA, you'll be meeting and interacting with many members of this village.  So you'll know where to encourage your child to spend more time (or less), and how to "frame" certain issues for them when discussed at home.  You can better apply your values when you are able to intelligently discuss commonalities and differences between your family and the families of your child's friends.

As your child grows, so will his or her village.... Getting involved and staying involved takes a lot of work, but it's worth it.  Consider joining and being active in the PTA at your child's school.  It will benefit you more than you know.

Much can be accomplished when determined and creative parents work together for the good of their collective children.


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  1. I too have been amazed by how much of a difference an active PTA makes! From a teacher's perspective, the PTA provides opportunities for social interaction on a much needed "out of the classroom" level. I truly enjoy the opportunities I had to get to know my students and their families in a FUN social setting. I totally agree with your village comment, as children are shaped by experiences. Your school has an incredible sense of community, which will empower learning, as students, families, and teachers support one another's goal of success. I am thrilled to hear about the "Village" you are a part of! Take care!