Thursday, March 25, 2010

Business Appreciation Awards, Town of Leesburg

The Town of Leesburg is soliciting nominations for 9 categories of Business Appreciation Awards.  The categories and qualifying criteria are:

New Business Award
Celebrates a new business started within the last 3 years that, while respectful of Leesburg’s past, represents the best of the Town’s future.

Heritage Award
Celebrates a thriving business that has made a long-term commitment to preserving the integrity and character of Leesburg’s Historic Downtown.

Ambassador Award
Celebrates a business or organization that has fostered a positive image of Leesburg as a business location or tourist destination.

Innovations Award
Celebrates a business that has brought recognition to Leesburg through creative marketing efforts, innovative business ventures and/or unique product development.

Environmental Award
Celebrates a business that conducts or participates in activities that benefit the environment through its business practices and policies on an on-going basis.

Home-Based Business Award
Celebrates the owner of an independent product- or service-based business, operated from a residence located within Leesburg, who serves as a small business advocate with the business community.

Public Art Award
Celebrates a business that makes a contribution to the development of the Town’s public art program, or actively supports the arts within the Town of Leesburg.

Community Steward Award
Celebrates a for-profit business that participates actively in the community by contributing its resources.

The George C. Marshall Award
Celebrates an individual who has demonstrated an exemplary commitment to the community above and beyond business contributions.

On the Leesburg, VA Facebook Fan Page, we've been conducting a suggestion poll over the past few evenings.  All qualifying suggestions have been transferred to the Discussions page, and we invite you to join into the discussion, and THEN to complete and submit the nomination form. 

Join the discussion first so that you can see the input from others, you may see a suggestion of a business that doesn't initially come to mind, but who is even more deserving of the award.  On the other hand, you may sway the votes of others by telling them your suggestion (and including an explanation is always helpful when trying to persuade someone).

We hope you'll join us today!

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