Friday, March 26, 2010

A Rainy Afternoon @ Dulles Town Center Mall

A great afternoon at Dulles Town Center Mall!

Its true... my days of hanging out at the mall are, generally speaking, behind me.  When I am there, I am usually on a mission.  But this week, I planned an afternoon of treats at our local Dulles Town Center Mall for my two little ones who are 4 and 6.

First, we headed to see the Easter Bunny.  We get photos every year.  I admit to being shocked that Easter Bunny apparently got a tan, because he's not white this year, he's a light/medium brown.  And, their scenery was a little scaled down compared to prior years.  I was told that was because of the addition of the Starbucks in the middle of the mall, because their typical Easter Bunny set would have interupted the flow of traffic through the middle of the mall.  In any case, the kids were happy and the Easter Bunny was particularly playful.  New this year, the mall is offering the photos on a flash drive, along with a gift card for Shutterfly so you can order greeting cards and such with the photos.

Then we cruised up to the food court for Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream Cone (it was no coincidence that we were there on FREE CONE DAY).  I had forgotten just how good Chunky Monkey was.  MMM....

What child can resist riding the Carousel ($1.50 each) located in the food court?  We always make time for this.  It reminds me of a place in Fairfax where my dad used to take me for Carousel rides when I was a kid. 

As if pictures with the Easter Bunny, FREE Ice Cream and a Carousel Ride were not enough, we threw in one last treat.. something I've been wanting to do.  We jumped upon the train!  Yes, for $1.50 a person, you can be pulled around the mall in this adorable train.  We had a great time!

Although we skipped it, as our visit had already lasted a few hours, there is also an indoor play area for little ones.

So, if it's a rainy afternoon in Loudoun and you need something to do, consider checking out Dulles Town Center as a destination - even just to play with the kids.

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