Friday, March 26, 2010

This Weekends Events!

And so it begins... Here in Loudoun, next week is Spring Break, which means no school. 

Many people will be on vacation, others will perhaps be on a "Staycation" looking for local stuff to get into.  Still others will have extended family or friends staying with them during the week..and perhaps trying to figure out what to do with them.  Then there are the poor shleps that will be breezing to work with barely a hint of rush hour next week. 

Which one is you?

If you're staying local, and especially if you'll have visitors, you'll want to check out the Events Page of the Leesburg VA Fanpage.  There are TONS of Leesburg/Loudoun events listed...and many will be ongoing through the upcoming week.

This weekend a few seasonal highlights are:
While the fan page mostly focuses on Leesburg and Loudoun events, who can ignore DC's famous Cherry Blossom Festival, less than an hour away?

It's true, we do focus on the kid friendly and family oriented events (because children require constant entertainment), but trust me, DC's Wine Country offers plenty for adults. 
How about about antiquing, meandering and window shopping in our many downtown areas?  Check out are wonderful trails and parks where you can picnic, boat, fish, hike, and explore.  This weekend wraps up Virginia's first ever Wine Week (Click here for a coupon to our own Leesburg Vintner, and find out more), and there are many local restaurants, stores, and vineyards participating in the "Love By The Glass" promotion.

Whatever you're up to, there's something for everyone.  From now on, don't miss a thing!  Become a FAN today!

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