Monday, February 15, 2010

Are You Getting Played? Limestone Overlay District Vote!

The Dulles Association of REALTORS wants you to know about the upcoming vote regarding the Limestone Overlay District!!

This is copied straight from their web site:

Contact the Supervisors and say "No" to the
Limestone Overlay District!

To address a perceived problem concerning limestone sensitive features, the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors (LCBOS) is expected to vote on a proposed ordinance imposing unnecessary restrictions on property owners living within the so-called Limestone Overlay District on Wednesday, February 17th, 2010. If the LCBOS votes to adopt the LOD, property and home owners within the 14,000-acre district are likely to see their property values take a hit. And if they want to sell the description of their property on all land and tax records will include a unique warning-style notice which may further depress values.

How serious is the limestone problem? Not very. Leesburg is built on top of limestone. So is the new high school on Route 15. And County Planning Commissioners have provided no examples of structural problems as a result of underlying geology anywhere in the LOD. Not one.
The over-reaching, burdensome and potentially unconstitutional LOD proposal is really an anti-development initiative disguised as a public health and safety issue. And homeowners in the LOD are the big losers. Don't get played. Contact the LCBOS and say "No" to the Limestone Overlay District.

Affected property owners in the LOD concerned with the restrictions and potential stigma on their property are encouraged to voice their concerns by emailing the LCBOS at or calling 703/777-0204.


TAKE ACTION - This will take only moments of your time to tell the Supervisors what you think!  Just CLICK HERE

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As always, your local state and national REALTOR associations are working to protect your interests as property owners and fellow citizens.  I'd like to be your personal link to these associations.  Just email me and ask that I add you to my "notify" database when there are important issues that might be affecting YOU.


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