Monday, February 1, 2010

The Inspiration of Ground Hog Day (The Movie)

Most of us have seen the movie, Groundhog Day.  But I always wonder, am I the only one that sees a morale to the story? 

At first, Bill Murray is miserable and barely makes it through the day, hating every moment.  Then, he wakes up the next day and it's NOT the next day.... he's very confused.  By the third day, he's annoyed. He hated living through that day the first two times, surely he does not want to continue to relive the same day. 

This pattern continues and continues, each day the same, only worse, than the same day that he'd just lived.  Eventually, he begins to approach each day as a new opportunity.  He learns new skills, meets new people and does new things.  His day gets better and better.  Eventually he "gets the girl" and is able to move on to February 3rd and the movie ends.

But, what is the lesson here?  You can't change the calendar, or the events that will happen to you that day.  You can only change your reaction to the situation.  Your reaction determines the type of day you will have, it determines the life you'll lead.

I even think a little deeper (because I do that)... we don't get an unlimited number of times to re-live the same day until we make it the best it can be.  But, we do kind of get a "do over" each day.  Yes, you must still deal with the consequences of your behaviour the day before, and depending on how you lived it, that might be good - or not.  But, every morning that the sun rises and you can experience it, you get a new start.  An opportunity to change the course of your life.  Do you make the most of it each day?

Think about work... maybe you hate your job, but the economy is too scary to try to make a change.  Rather than head into work and be even more miserable than the day before, try a new approach.  See what happens.  It will be small at first, but over time, it can be a completely different experience all together.  People around you may be confused, but maybe your new perspective will start affecting them.

It could be your home life, marriage or other aspects of your life, but the same principle applies.  If you want a different experience, change what you can - change YOUR action.

Maybe for you, re-watching the movie the Ground Hog day will inspire you.  Or, maybe you're looking for another inspiration.

Bill Murray's character went through all of these changes in just one day (re-lived, and re-lived and re-lived, until he got in right).  In the end, he was a changed man, and had a much better life.

Today is February 1st.  Tomorrow is Groundhog Day.  Do you have changes you'd like to make in your life?  Don't wait until New Years Day 2011.  Groundhog Day might be the right occaision to begin.  And, remember, everyone has off days. 

The next sunrise is a do-over.  Start again. 

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  1. Tomorrow is my Do-Over Day! Thank you for this message!