Friday, February 12, 2010

Snowmagedon - The Aftermath

Snowmagedon 2010 has come and gone in the form of 2 blizzards (or near blizzards) within days of one another. 

Here in Leesburg, we've gotten almost 60 inches of snow in 4 weather "events" in an 11 day stretch. 

Say it with me: "snOMG"!

* * * * *
All around us....

Trees have fallen....

Driveways and sidewalks remain untouched.....

Icicles are pulling on gutters, while the weight of the snow pushes down from above.....and gutters are falling (or will)....

Roofs and windows that haven't been cleared are collapsing and leaking....
and so are basements (or they will be soon)....

Have no fear, LoCo!  This, too, shall pass.  If you're in need of a licensed, insured contractor to help with these types of storm damage issues or others, I have a recommendation for you.....

William Beach
Beach Carpentry and Contracting
Leesburg, VA
Home Office: 703-443-8946
Cell Phone: 703-898-2789

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and stay tuned for even MORE information!

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  1. LOL @ Snowmagedon! Haha! Well, the it won't be given that name for nothing. The snow was really thick! 60 inches? The roads were punished badly, so were the houses! Definitely not a good view to see.