Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Random Acts of Kindness

Today is "Do Random Acts of Kindness" Day.

Betcha didn't know that, and I promise I am not making it up.  It's kind of like the "Pay It Forward" concept.

Have you ever been so happy you simply desired to make everyone you saw happy?  I have had this experience.  It's amazing what happens when you ....

*  Bring your babysitter a dozen roses for no reason in particular. 
*  Pass out single roses to people you've never met before.  I did this once at every stop light on the way home.  I would jump out of my car and run to as many other cars as I could while we were stopped and give them a rose.  The looks were hysterical.  GREAT FUN!
*  Pay for gas, drycleaning, or drive through order for someone you've never met before... just because you happen to be at the same place at the same time.

I have done all of these things.... and it does really make you feel so amazing.  TRY IT.  Do it "your style".  I encourage you to do the kind things for people you DON'T know - the confusion is hysterical.  People simply can not believe that there is anyone who would do something nice for no reason at all

When you do something unexpected for someone you do know, it is still wonderful, but is more of an investment in your relationship.  When you do things for people you've never met before, it truly affects their day in a way that is much greater than if the SAME THING was done for them by someone they do know.  Attach no contact information, take nothing more than a smile or wave as a thank you.

DO NOT USE THIS as a marketing effort. 

Just do something nice to do something nice, and do it today.  It is a day where you can TRULY receive the gift of giving.  It may be you've never truly experienced this before... isn't it time?

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