Friday, November 6, 2009

Be "In The Know" In Your Community

Do you work, live or own property in Loudoun?  Do you like to be informed?  I do, and I am going to tell you how to do it.

As a resident, it's important to me to know about serious crimes that are going on around my home. Things like business robberies, hostage situations, murders, serious assaults... even though I'd like to think that things like these wouldn't happen in my community, no one is exempt, and I want to know if they do. 

I want to know about REAL Amber Alerts in a timely manner, and when there is a fugitive on the run.  It reminds me to keep my eyes open looking for threats and keeps me focused on trying to support my community by looking for these people.

I also want to know if my local government offices will be closing, because I often use their services, personally and professionally.

I want to know about weather related emergencies, like tornadoes, flash floods, or other sudden occurrences.

As a REALTOR, it's important to me to know of road closings (in Loudoun, in Fairfax or major arteries throughout the region)  due to accidents, floods, construction or other things.

As a mom, especially as a working mom, I need to know when school is being closed or let out early, if there is a lockdown order issued, or other time sensitive school related situations.  I also need to know when the federal government is closed, because weather related closings of the government mean no daycare for my son and no afterschool care for my daughter.

Loudoun Alert keeps me "in the know" on all these things.  I receive text messages and emails moments after they are sent through the system.  And, better yet, the messages come with no hype - just the facts.  Often, even if I am out of town, I know what is going on faster than people who are blocks away from, or in the middle of, an incident.  By the time they hear through the regular media or the grape vine, the story's been sensationalized and is greatly distorted.

Although I feared that being notified of all major incidents would frighten me, in reality it has helped me be informed and make sound decisions; and I also realize how lucky we are here in Loudoun with so few truly serious crimes.  I really appreciate this service, and I hope more Loudoun residents will sign up for it.  It is free, and to me, is invaluable.

Let's face it, Inquiring Minds Want to Know, and that means you!  You can sign up, it only takes a minute or so, and you can chose which alerts you want to get and how.  Just follow this link:


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