Monday, November 9, 2009

Wartime Veteran or Not

My husband is a Vet, but he always downplays it. I think he feels guilty because he was not in the service during wartime and never had any of the assignments that so many soldiers are facing today.

Even so, he learned how to use weapons, how to face his fears and how to survive in the worst of times. Granted, he's not had to use these skills outside of training. But, post 9-11, I assure you that he wanted to. He was  so angry because he was too old to re-enlist.  He desperately wanted to do something, anything to contribute to us, as Americans, regaining our sense of security.

...And those are the kinds of men and women you'll find throughout all branches of our Armed Forces.  These are the men and women that want to protect us from the evils of the world, so much so, that they would even give their life if necessary.

The thing is, in the military you don't get to chose your assignments. Anyone of our men or women may be called into battle at any time.

Some are in the honor guard, like my step father K.E. Booth, Jr.

Some longed their entire lives to be a Marine...and then were injured in boot camp, ruining their dreams... like my son's friend, Mike.

Some were drafted and thrown on a ship in WWII, like my grandfather, RM Corbett.

Some went off to fight in the jungles of Vietnam, like many of my dad's friends.  Even if they returned, they were just never the same again.

Some were stationed in Alaska while praying for an assignment that would take them to the front lines during the first Gulf War.  Others were in the Gulf, just wanting to go home. These were my friends from school, Denny and Sam.

Some, even though they've never been to war have been called in to help in the face of hurricanes, natural disasters, and terrorism, here and abroad... like Mike, the husband of a friend of mine, who was assigned to body recovery detail at the Pentagon after 9-11.

So many, too many, are serving in Iraq, Afganistan or other places right now.... all putting their lives at risk to protect us here at home.   A recent client (Kevin) explained to me "It's not too bad over there.  The building I was in only got bombed twice."

Even those not overseas, are playing their role.  They are standing at the ready.... and we're so comforted that you are.

Some are at Fort Hood right now, like my son's friend, Luna; most of whom thought, at least until this week, that they were safe on base.   Oh, how we wish that had been true.

From my heart:
Thank you to ALL of you who are now standing up and saying "If you need me, I'm here.  If you don't, I'll do whatever you want me to do, until you do need me." ... and thank you to those that came before you and did the same thing.

We always have and we always will need you.  We don't want you to go to war, we want you at home, safe and sound with us.  But, it is only BECAUSE of you that "home" IS safe and sound for us.  

You are all you're all so very brave. Our country wouldn't even exist if it weren't for people just like you. 

And, always remember, whether you're sent to battle or not, you ARE protecting us - your family, your communities, our freedom.... in times of war and in times of peace....

for there would never be peace, without you. 


All photos were from my husband's year book from the
Fort Leonard Wood Training Camp, November 1981,
my husband was Platoon 2: Chrisner, B.G.

In yearbook photo he's the second one from the bottom, 4th from the left....
well, that was the first 100 pounds of him- he's put on an addition since then!

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