Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A Cheap Play Date At Sports Bounce

I am always on the lookout for new places to try and things to do with my kids.  With the economy being what it is, however, we have to watch our entertainment budget.... you may have noticed this theme with my earlier posts.
On Facebook, I've become a "fan" of "Moms Like Me - things to with your children in the greater Dulles area" (note the missing word "do" is not a typo here).  They give out lots of ideas, although not all are cheap options.  However, they pass on the deals when they're found, and you can, too. 

There, I learned about a special promotion at Sports Bounce of Loudoun.  You know the kind of place (like Pump It Up or Jumping Jacks), its an indoor, "inflatibles" playground, filled with moon-bouncy kinds of things.   They offer classes/playgroups, open play times, special events and host birthday and other parties.

Usually, these places are rather expensive.  But, this particular day they were offering a PJ Party midday for little ones for only $5; so I took my son.

It was a surprise.  I picked him up unexpectedly at preschool and we went. He had a blast!  There, you'll find moon bounces of different shapes and sizes, many with mazes and slides of different sizes.  They also had 2 playrooms that featured toys for playing ball, building, twirling, and all sorts of activities.  They truly had something for everyone.  My son loved it, and is begging to go back.
To learn more about Sports Bounce of Loudoun, click on this link to go to their site. 

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