Sunday, November 22, 2009

Twas the Week Before Turkey....

I am copying this from the site... keep it in mind this week:

'Twas the week before turkey...
and everyone’s stirring
Their bowls of goodies...
but it’s not occurring
To anyone yet of the trouble a-brewing
The downright disaster in the drain that is stewing.

For if you let fat, grease and oil drip in
to the drain I’m afraid you will not begin
Your holiday season with loved ones and laughter,
But a plumber or two and a sewer disaster!

A sewer backup happens when drains become clogged
With the fat and the grease and the oil that’s sogged
Our delightful delectable holiday pans
So be sure your grease, oil, and fat are in cans!

Just a friendly (and hopefully amusing) way to remember to collect all grease, oil and fat in a can during the holiday season. If you let any of this stuff get into your drain, the result could be more than a nuisance – it could be a costly nightmare before Christmas.

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Wishing you and yours a "back up free" Thanksgiving!

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