Thursday, November 26, 2009

Chrisner Family Thanksgiving (A Poem)

"It's Turkey Day!" she exclaimed, as I opened my eyes.
"We get to see Grandma and eat lots of pies!
And, I can watch the parade on TV with you guys!"
Said six year old Rachael, like it was a surprise.

"MILK!" Screeched the Gremlin. "Chocolate Milk, I said.
And, I'm cold and want blankey…Mmmmoooooomy! Get out of bed!"

I was snuggled so warmly in bed…
But the screeching Gremlin was hurting my head.
Off came the covers, and on went the robe.
I stumbled to the kitchen of our humble abode.
I started the coffee, and fixed ITS milk….
I gave it to him, with his blankey of silk.

After calming the Gremlin, the princess came down...
There she was, dressed and ready, in a ball gown.
"Let's go to Grandmas" she said, with a smile!
"Not yet, Rachael… we're not going for quite a while.
Now change your clothes, get out of that dress,
And do it right now before you make it a mess."

Then the Princess, she pouted… and she did so all day.
You'd think with so many toys she'd have something to play.
But no, she just bugged us… all the day through
Patience is not her strongest virtue .

It drove me crazy, so I left them with Dad
I went to the gym, and I didn't even feel bad.
An hour of cardio, and an hour of weights
All the while dreaming of all of the plates
Of turkey and potatoes and yummies galore
That I'd be eating soon… thanks to my saviour.

And my mother in law, too… as she is the cook
Thank God for her… and her cook books!

I returned home, to the same scene as before
It didn't stop, I caught the encore
One minute a screech, the next a whine
But soon it would be time to dine!

Into the bath, the two of them went
I felt kind of bad, my poor hubby was spent.
Then was my turn, I jumped in the shower,
Oh, boy! We'd be eating in less than an hour!

It was time to go, we got into the van
Mitch in his suit, Dev dressed as spiderman
Rach in her ballgown, Dad and I in our jeans
This is our family – and we're quite a scene

But then we were there… we had finally arrived
Those poor hungry children would no longer be deprived

At Grandmas, it was like a fairy tale,
The children were good, not a single wail
The golden bird and had such a great taste
Not a morsel of food would go to waste!

MMMMMM… the food was so yummie,
It filled ALL our tummies…
Then we got sleepy from the tryptophan
It was time to leave, so we got in the van

Home, ahh, sweet home…. And now all relaxed
We all climbed in our beds, and lay on our backs.
Our tummies were too full to lay any other way,
So that's how we slept, till the very next day.

To all of my friends, I wish you a good night.
Tomorrow's Black Friday… in all of its fright.

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