Sunday, November 15, 2009

Can't Afford To Go To The Movies Anymore?

Here's a quick tip.... Many of us love going to see movies in the theatre.  Watching a movie at home is great, but let's be honest; it's just not the same as the movie theatre atmosphere.

Tally Ho in Downtown Leesburg offers some solutions:

Fall Family Fun/$1 Shows:  Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thurdays at 3:30. they offer a special showing for only $1 per seat!  These are not new releases, but sometimes just seeing an old movie or TV show in a movie theatre is enough to make kids feel like it was a special day.... and where else can you do that for just a buck a person?  It's a different show each week.

Three Dollar Thursdays:  Current release movies are shown at Tally Ho, and ALL SEATS, ALL TIMES are available only $3!   This is the best deal in town, for sure! 

(Kids drinks are only 99cents, too.  But, the rest of their concessions are only slightly less expensive than the retail Fox, WorldGate or Regal theatres throughout our region.  So, promise the kids a trip to 7-11 to get a special snack afterwards  - no need to teach them to associate eating with going to the movies.)

Last week, I took my kids to see Jim Carey's "A Christmas Carol", for a total of $9 for all 3 of us.  In other theatres it's offered in 3-D and perhaps the special effects would have made a difference for me.  But, Tally Ho does not offer 3-D versions of movies... and for a movie like this I didn't think it would be necessary to keep my attention (i.e. "Up" was fabulous without the 3-D effects).  However, in this case, I wasn't impressed with the movie - I sure am glad I didn't pay normal movie admission prices to see this.

My son, on the other hand, saw Where the Wild Things Are with some friends last week.  He said it was slow, and I think he paid $9 for just his admission.

Friends have told me that 2012 is a great movie - I can't wait until Tally Ho has it....then I will plan a $3 Thursday viewing!

In this economy I just can not afford to pay the fees - even matinee costs - at most theatres.  For more great fun, check out Tally Ho's other offerings - like family comedy nights!

Got any other great options for entertaining yourself and your family.... especially for free or really inexpensively?  Please, add your comments.

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