Saturday, March 13, 2010

Facebook is My BEST Friend

Facebook has quickly become my best friend. I vent to it, I tell it what I am doing, I tell it what I think is interesting, and I joke with it.  In exchange, it consoles me, encourages and inspires me, teaches me things, and makes me laugh.  

I have reconnected with long lost friends.  I stay in contact with friends I never seem to be able to "connect" with, because of differences in our schedules.  I even make new friends and business connections.

I like it so much that I currently have 3 pages....

My profile, where you will read things like me trying to give my kids away to a free home or find out where I can exchange my husband, you'll follow the happenings of my family and friends, and get to know me on a very personal level....Good, Bad, or Indifferent.
"The Real Estate Whisperer" which is a business "fan" page. It's newly launched, and named after my real estate blog.  I am still trying to build a following for it, but there I post things which are business related: My personal business like new listings, contracts, settlements, pictures of clients and the like; Things related to the real estate industry like initiates of REALTOR associations, changing tax laws, and other legislative issues relating to homeownership, or purchasing or selling property; I definitely post links to "The Real Estate Whisperer" blog, even re-circulating old posts that many haven't seen; And, to keep things light, I offer quirky insights and the occasional cartoon.

"Leesburg, VA"... this, too is technically a business "fan" page (although in hind sight it probably should have been a "group" page, and I would have named it "Living In Lo Co" but it's too late now).  Here, I post local and regional news.  You'll occasionally see links to my "LivingInLoCo" blog, but more often I post local news, upcoming events, reviews on local businesses....the content is similar to this blog, but more casual , more interactive, and a much quicker way to get news out - thus it is less words about more subjects. While I am still continuing to build this page, it is taking off quite well with viral marketing all on it's own.  As of last night, we had 907 fans in less than a month.
But, on Facebook as in life, it is not about what you put OUT into the world, its about how you fully interact.  I read the posts of others, "like" or comment on them, and genuinely participate in discussions.  I not only read the posts of my friends, but I have developed a coast to coast REALTOR network via Facebook, which helps me tremendously in my business.  I also get contributions from lots of groups and local businesses fed to my News I say "in the know" about local happenings, events and issues that I care about (and I recycle this news as is appropriate).  In fact, this morning I took my kids to a new photographer.  One I learned about on the "Moms Like Me" fan page for my area. I am SO excited about seeing these photos.  My next post will include a video of part of the photo shoot - amazing fun for the kids.
Thanks, Facebook!

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