Monday, March 1, 2010

New Tysons Express Commuter Service!

Loudoun is adding a "Tysons Express" bus service for commuters beginning this summer. 

Even though I no longer make this commute, I did do it for several years from Ashburn and then from Leesburg.  Sometimes it wasn't that bad, but there were some terrible traffic days.  Oh, how I'd wished there'd been a better way.  Can you imagine:
*  Being able to always cut your commute time since you'll be taking the HOV lanes?
*  Being able to sneak in a little nap on the way home?
*  Being able to bring your laptop and keep working - while traveling?
*  Never being stuck on the highway in traffic and having to go to the bathroom so bad you'd thought you'd die?  Come on, we've all been there!

Travel will be via luxury motor coach with reclining seats, overhead lighting (that turns on for work, and off for rest), wi-fi and even a restroom.

There will be multiple pick up/arrival times.  Two commuter lots are planned in Loudoun - one in Leesburg, one in Broadlands (Ashburn).  At only $3 each way it will be cheaper than driving yourself - especially if you currently take the toll road, faster, more comfortable, take significant traffic off the road, and let's face it, better for the environment. 

For those of you with strict bosses, I have to say usually bosses are more lienent when your (normally on time) bus is late than when you are the only one that gets stuck in traffic.

I am excited about this, and hope most Lo Co residents are.  The county is interested in YOUR NEEDS so they can plan appropriately! Please visit the web site to learn more and to take the survey. 

You'll even get a $5 Smart Card just for taking the survey!

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